Our Story

Before She Pops is a pregnancy gift box curator based in Kuala Lumpur focused on delivering gift boxes for expecting moms. The business was founded by sustainability professional and designer Zuliana Zulkiflee Abbas in August 2017.

After working as a sustainability consultant for 5 years, Zuliana became a mother and decided to take the leap in starting an online business from home in order to be able to spend more time with her daughter.

The idea of Before She Pops came about when she was pregnant herself, working from home during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Feeling somewhat confined, she thought it would be nice if she could have pregnancy essentials such as herbal teas, body oil delivered to her. The idea struck that it would be wonderful to have a gift box with all these essentials delivered to pregnant women as a treat, to pamper themselves and to emphasise on their wellbeing.

Before She Pops’ target market comprises of the next generation of urban pregnant women. The gift boxes are in line with the recent shift that sees more and more women emphasising the equal importance of both the journey and the destination of parenthood. Our customers are coming to realise that a healthy baby starts with a healthy mother – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Zuliana’s vision for Before She Pops is beautiful, hand-curated boxes filled with pregnancy must-have products that bring ultimate joy to recipients every trimester. To achieve this vision, the company is committed to providing great customer service in addition to working with the best local producers and constantly be on the look out for unique ways to surprise customers.